Since the premiere of Legacies, we’ve wondered why Lizzie and Hope hated each other so much. On Thursday’s episode, it finally all came clear. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, save this article and go watch it. It’s a scene that you need to see and experience.

All this time the reason Lizzie hated Hope was because she thought she started a fire that ruined her spring break, and that Hope spread rumors about her being a bi-polar witch. Hope didn’t do anything, it was all Josie.

Turns out Josie had a crush on Hope and was afraid Lizzie would go after her, so she said Hope started the rumors and the fire. Josie was just trying to get rid of a note she slipped under her door. She never meant for it to get that big.

Twitter is going crazy over this revelation, between finally knowing the truth, Hosie being a reality and wondering if this all means Lizzie is bi too. Check out the best reactions from Twitter:

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