Wednesday’s latest episode of The Magicians picked up on the many cliffhangers left by last week’s episode – what happened to Penny (Arjun Gupta); what’s going on with the animals in Fillory; what to do with the Monster now that they know their Eliot (Hale Appleman) is still alive in there? Below are some of our favorite moments from the new episode

Finding out Marina (Kacey Rohl) has a girlfriend!

Marina is a character that I have felt passionately about since Season 1. I hated her in the beginning, and I’ve grown to absolutely LOVE her. We haven’t been given much insight into her character’s personal life, so I live for little glimpses like this.

“Are you saying she’s a bitch?” “Cockswallow. Clitswell.”

No matter the episode, Margo (Summer Bishil) never has a shortage of hilarious, laugh-out-loud, one-liners. This week’s episode was no exception. I will never get over the character development Margo has undergone over the last few seasons and the absolute magnetism and swagger Summer Bishil brings to the role. Margo alone alone is enough to keep me coming back every episode, eagerly anticipating what will come out of her mouth next.

Alice’s (Olivia Dudley) scenes with Sheila (Camryn Manheim) the “Queromancer”

Alice’s character has been sidelined from the rest of the group as of late (understandably). She’s done some pretty questionable things and her friends need to see some redemption from her before they’re willing to mend fences. I love Camryn Manheim and was excited to see her joining the show as a guest.

The scenes between Sheila and Alice felt very authentic and it was the most I enjoyed Alice’s scenes with any character in awhile. Their actions in the episode put Sheila in a predicament with the Library – so I’m looking forward to seeing how Alice will jump back into the fray with the Library and come to her aid.

Penny 23 and Penny 40’s confrontation; Penny 40’s message to Kady

Penny 23 and Penny 40 have a meeting in the pocket world, where Penny 40 emphasizes to Penny 23 how imperative it is that he return to his timeline. Emotionally, Penny 23 tells Penny 40 that they don’t want him, they want “their” Penny. Penny 40 says it can’t be him and asks Penny 23 to tell Kady: “I love her and I’m sorry.” I MISS PENNY 40 TOO! I’m sure Penny 23 will eventually grow on us more, but right now I’m still kind of wishing they would find a way to bring back our Penny.

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