Malec have had their ups and down over the seasons but, they seem to have found their stride. In “Original Sin”, they were quite domestic and giving us a lot to live up to. It’s not hard to see why they are one of the best ships on Shadowhunters. Alec and Magnus are great characters alone, and even better when they are on screen together. They’re great partners in the field and in their relationship. Let’s relive their best moments from this week’s episode:

4. Magnus bringing Alex breakfast in bed
I’m not sure what was cuter, Magnus making Alec breakfast or him talking about making it. Being a mortal is definitely an adjustment for Magnus, and he seems to be doing more for Alec now than when he was an immortal, and enjoying every second of it!

3. Malec post sex
These two just keeping getting hotter than ever. And to top off this steamy scene, remember how I mentioned they are goals? Magnus was opening up to Alec about how he feels about being mortal now. He has 40 years and counting and wants to do everything. If only we could all open up in our own relationships.

2. Malec training scene
I went back and forth about this being the best scene or not. It definitely seems to be the favorite on Twitter, but for me, there’s one other scene that’s even better. Before we get to that, how hot was this scene? I was super excited for this scene and it was better than I could imagine. Magnus is a good fighter and he’s good at flirting while fighting, too. What more could we ask for from this scene? A Malec kiss? Alec made sure we got that, but of course it was because Magnus wouldn’t stop flirting. Can we please have more scene like this?

  1. Malec when 90
    What’s better than the training scene? Alec telling Magnus that the moments he will remember when he’s 90 are the moments he’s looking into the eye’s of the man he loves. It’s the absolute sweetest moment. The Shadowhunters tweet says it all, they are definitely relationship goals.

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