The CW’s Supergirl is mid-way through its fourth season and we had the pleasure of hopping on the phone with Andrea Brooks, who plays Eve Teschmacher on the series, to discuss what got her into acting; Eve’s progression throughout the series; as well as some of her favorite things!

FANDOMOPOLIS: So, how did you first get into acting? What inspired you to become an actress?
ANDREA BROOKS: I kind of fell into acting; I’ve been doing it for at least half of my life now, professionally. I was actually a competitive figure skater growing up and I attended an open casting call audition for figure skaters for a Disney movie. I ended up auditioning for a small role and they liked me. I went through a bunch of rounds of casting and wound up reading for the lead role – I didn’t get it, but by the end of that whole process I had an agent and a casting director who liked me. So, I really did fall into it through figure skating.

Did you know before then that you wanted to be an actress?
Acting always appealed to me; before that I was in a theatre troupe. I still remember sitting around when I was four years old, watching Sesame Street and thinking, “oh, I want to be that kid talking to Cookie Monster!” It was always in the back of my head. I grew up fascinated by movies, and I used to cry when movies ended and the credits would roll.

How is it playing two completely different characters: one in a world with superheroes and aliens, and another in a coal mining town?
It’s interesting and I feel very fortunate! I’ve been able to straddle this line for quite a number of years and play both roles, which I realize – a lot of people don’t have that opportunity. It’s fun to work on a show where you deal with a lot of dark scenarios, dealing with crazy political things; whereas, When Calls the Heart is a more positive show and about community, less fast-paced. When you’re playing two characters on the same day, there’s a lot of refocusing and tuning into your emotions that has to be done.

How have you enjoyed seeing Eve’s character develop from a mainly quirky, happy go-lucky character, to exploring a deeper development as she works with Lena?
It’s beyond exciting. This season is my absolute favorite. The transition from her working at CatCo to L-Corp allows her to express herself in a more honest way, she’s really able to display who she is and hone her craft as a scientist and do more interesting work that appeals to her.

How fun was it to film 4×2 ‘Fallout’ with Melissa Benoist & Katie McGrath?
There was so much funny, physical comedy in that episode… running around, being trapped, running through hallways, it was pretty chaotic to shoot – but hilarious and amazing. I adore Melissa and Katie and we get along famously; it really never feels like a work day with those two. We all love reading; podcasts; we all have so much in common. It’s an effortless, working friendship.

Did it surprise you to see how positively and quickly fans reacted to the “Team Science” pairing with Lena and Eve?
It totally surprised me. We had joked about it, because any time anyone is paired with Katie – there’s going to be a hashtag. I had so many amazing messages from fans. Especially women who are in science, who feel that women in science are underrepresented on television, thanking me – and I find that so flattering.

With Eve’s Yale/nuclear science background, do you think we’ll see her aspire to be more than assistant at some point?
Yes, I think that’s fair to say. I love that Eve is unassuming – you never know what she’s going to do or say. She’s spastic and unpredictable, but brilliant. I like that she’s multi-faceted in that way. There’s definitely more to come when it comes to Eve’s background. I’ve been extremely busy with the show for the second half of the season.

Have you learned any new science terms from playing Eve?
Absolutely. A few of us, specifically our script supervisor, some of the crew, sometimes I wrangle Katie into this – we give ourselves little science lessons behind the scenes anytime we’re science-ing on set. I bought an art book on the periodic table recently; I like to think I kind of know what I’m talking about when I’m doing these things? It’s fun to do the side bits of research, without actually having to do science!

How is it being a part of two shows (Supergirl & When Calls the Heart) with such strong fan bases?
ANDREA BROOKS: It’s so fun! Both of the shows air at the same time on Sunday nights this year, so it’s pretty hilarious to open social media and watch two very different fandoms duking it out. I feel so lucky to be a part of anything with a fan base at all, it’s a total gift; getting to be a part of two different shows with fandoms that are supportive and love what we do, is just an absolute treat.

Onto some of “Andrea’s Favorites” –

Favorite scene to film so far from Supergirl?

ANDREA BROOKS: The scenes from ‘Fallout’ stand out to me as a favorite, because it was so fun, and funny to shoot. Or any time there’s action; I do love stunts. I love watching stunt people do their work and being involved in that. That scene at the end of season two where Eve brings in milkshakes and they explode – that’s fun. Anything physical – I’m a fan of.

Favorite costume of Eve’s on Supergirl?
ANDREA BROOKS: I love Eve’s outfits, especially recently! She’s grown up a bit from her CatCo days and come a long way from her rolled up sweaters. One of my favorites is actually what she wore in ‘Fallout;’ that pinstripe black dress with the blue belt. I absolutely love that dress.

Favorite custom of Faith’s on When Calls the Heart?
I do love my nursing costume; we upgraded this season. For the past four years she had one nursing outfit, and then this year we re-constructed it with thicker fabric; it’s a cool period piece. I also love the coats, all the characters have fabulous coats, constructed from the ground up.

Favorite thing to do in Vancouver?
We have a beautiful sea wall that runs all the way around downtown, and you can run it, bike along it, go on walks. In the summer, it’s a great thing to do; you can grab an ice cream and go for a walk around the sea wall. And I love biking; we’re a very active community and I quite like that because I’m pretty active. I love working out and walking places, and Vancouver’s a great place for that.

Photo credit: Judy Bishop on Flickr

Favorite current TV show?
This is a bit embarrassing, but I am a bit of a reality show junkie. Right now, I’ve been watching a lot of these docuseries. I just watched the Michael Jackson one; Lorena; the OJ Simpson one that came out last year. I love true crime; so anything on that subject will be of interest to me.

Favorite vacation spot?
Hawaii – particularly the Big Island, is gorgeous. Some of my favorite cities are Tokyo and Paris.

Favorite book?
We’re on the subject of true crime – that still very much appeals to me in books. I recently read Bad Blood – actually Katie McGrath leant me that. It’s a story of Elizabeth Holmes and her sham Silicon Valley company that crumbled. I loved that. I’m reading Kitchen Confidential, the Anthony Bourdain biography. I’m reading Columbine – I have five books going at any time. Generally, I love non-fiction.

It sounds like fans of Eve certainly have a lot to look forward to in seeing Supergirl dive deeper into her background, and where her character is going next in the second half of season four. Thanks again to Andrea for chatting with us!