Since news broke weeks ago about Season 4 (AND 5!!!) of Wynonna Earp being in jeopardy, fans have been continuing to fight for their show and have even taken to Times Square. #FightForWynonna has continued to trend and it shows no signs of slowing as production of the show continues to be delayed.

What other show has fans dedicated enough to flood Times Square with billboards? I’ll wait.

Yesterday, leading lady Melanie Scrofano and showrunner Emily Andras got a billboard of their own to thank the fans.

Besides billboards and tweeting #FightForWynonna and tagging IDW Publishing/Entertainment, what can you do to join the fight?

Wynonna Earp Fans (@WynonnaFans) has put together a list of things you can do in one place:

These include:

  1. Tweet – use the #FightForWynonna & #WynonnaEarp and tag @SYFY & @IDWPublishing
  2. Emailing IDW –
  3. Write a Facebook post on IDW’s FB Page @IDWEntertainment
  4. Tweet Netflix and request Season 3 of Wynonna Earp, and request it on the site.
  5. Call IDW and ask about the state of Season 4 production.

Continue the fight and hopefully soon we’ll have positive news!