The cast and producers of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger joined us in the press room at WonderCon on Friday to discuss season two coming to Freeform April 4th!

Olivia Holt (“Tandy”) compared coming back for season two to being a sophomore – last year they were freshman, fresh meat, trying to figure out where they belong and what they do, now they need to buckle down and get to business.

Aubrey Joseph (“Tyrone”) says he thinks the beauty of season one is Tandy and Tyrone were dedicated to being there for each other, and being that one person that cares enough to check on you and help you in whatever way you need. Seeing these imperfect teenagers and seeing themselves in them, is something Aubrey thinks resonates with a lot of fans of the show.

Full audio of the interview with Olivia & Aubrey

Joe Pokaski (Executive Producer) says Tandy will have her defining arc this season. She has certain views toward abused women, so this season is about her putting herself in someone else’s shoes and becoming a patron saint of something.

Jeph Loeb (Executive Producer) says if you liked season one, you’ll love season two. In a time when all of us are feeling an uneasiness about the world and our lives, hopefully the show can leave you with a sense of hope – which is something Marvel is really about, hope.

Emma Lahana (‘Brigid/Mayhem’) says there’s a Jekyll/Hyde aspect to playing Brigid and Mayhem in season two. Their physicalities are different and how they carry themselves, and Mayhem has a lack of conscience which helps her be as powerful as she is.

Emma Lahana (“Brigid/Mayhem”)