The cast and creators of AMC’s Into The Badlands joined us in the WonderCon 2019 press room to discuss the final season and progression of the characters and series! Below are some of our favorite moments:

Q: Can you speak about attaining such incredible diversity on the show?
Alfred Gough (EP):
We pride ourselves on not only on screen, but also behind the screen. It was like the United Nations on set. The idea of diversity is you see everybody. It’s the world, it’s the future – we wanted to have that diversity and it’s something you actually have to work hard for. Nobody is against diversity philosophically, it’s when you have to put it into practice it gets hard. Sometimes you just have to declare, and do it that way, and make it happen.

Q: What does season three hold for Sunny?
Daniel Wu (“Sunny”):
I’ve been playing Sunny five years now, but I’ve never gotten bored because of the writing. It’s a sprawling journey of all these people and a spiritual transformation for all these characters. In season three, he has to take a side. Now Sunny has to rectify this situation with Pilgrim and save the world after giving him this power, which is basically a nuclear bomb.

Q: Can you talk about working with Eleanor and the brother/sister material?
Lewis Tan (“Gaius”):
Eleanor was a dream to work with. When I first met her, that was the opening scene with Gaius in the jail and you see for the first time the brother/sister hatred towards each other. In the scene I was actually supposed to spit in her face, but Eleanor was pregnant. I do a lot of risky things in my career, but spitting in a pregnant’s face is not one of those risks I can take! We ended up doing the spit without doing the spit, but having the emotion there.

Q: What are we going to see from Lydia’s evolution in these last few episodes?
Orla Brady (“Lydia”):
She has hopes that she has finally found someone that sees her for who she is and has a true connection with. A connection that isn’t about alliance and power isn’t something she’s had before. Now she has something that is true, so she has hopes.

Q: What are we going to see the relationship between MK and Nix?
Aramis Knight (“MK”):
I think Nix is just playing both sides. One thing I’ve always really enjoyed about MK is he’s very persistent with what he believes in and he’s very clear cut about which side he’s on, he’s never playing both sides. He’s a very straight shooter and I think he’s used to people around him not being that way, just based on the nature of the show. MK definitely calls Nix out on that.

Q: Tilda and the Widow are huge in fandom. Has this role changed at all how you interact with fans?
Ally Ioannides (“Tilda”):
I think I’ve gained a lot of fans from it and it’s so cool to see where fans have taken Tilda, and seeing the fans grow with her. It’s really cool, when I started season one, I definitely didn’t think that Tilda was going to be liked by anyone; I thought she was going to be more of a supporting character. I didn’t know people were going to relate to her, but I’m thrilled they did and it’s so humbling. I’m glad young girls can watch such a bad ass character on TV – I wish that I could have seen more characters like that, and it’s an honor to play her.

Q: Can you talk about Nathaniel’s mental journey?
Sherman Augustus (“Nathaniel”):
His mental journey begins with him held up in a mortuary, and he’s there because of the loss of his wife and child. He’s totally sequestered himself away the world and he’s totally ok living that life and going and collecting a few bounties here and there. His whole mental state changes again in that fight on the bridge, when he sees how Sunny handles himself. He figures – you know what, this gentleman may be a worthy opponent to help me relieve my pain that I’m going through, and if not I can add a notch to my tattoos and hit that 1,000 mark. He is looking for a way out. When he meets the Widow, he thinks maybe I’ll go back and find a glorious ending to my whole journey; in battle, or maybe I can integrate myself back into normal society.