The cast and producers of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD joined us in the press room at WonderCon on Friday to discuss season six coming to ABC on May 10th. Below are some of the top moments from the press room, along with the full videos!

SPOILER ALERT: The Season 6 premiere was aired at WonderCon and some of these interviews contain premiere spoilers!

Iain De Caestecker (“Fitz”) says that when season six begins, Fitz is in space somewhere and Simmons and the rest of the group are looking for him; there will definitely be more scenes in space. Jeff Ward (“Deke”) says we will get to explore Deke’s character more as the season continues, but it will take some time to dive into it.

Iain De Caestecker (“Fitz”) & Jeff Ward (“Deke”)

Jed Whedon (EP) says a primary goal of the year was to put all the characters in a different situation, or different emotional place.

Jed Whedon (EP) & Maurissa Tancharoen (EP)

Natalia Cordova-Buckley (“Elena”) teases it may be awhile before her lack of hands situation gets fixed, given Fitz is in space and he’s the one that would handle that usually. There also may be a new man in her life, so the status of Elena and Mack’s relationship is up in the air.

Henry Simmons (“Mack”) and Clark Gregg (“Coulson”) discuss the added of sense of responsibility that comes from playing the Director of SHIELD, and the isolation/loneliness that comes with the role.