• Misty Knight’s Cybernetic Arm (Marvel’s Luke Cage)
  • Elektra Natchios’ Battle Costume (Marvel’s Daredevil)
  • Colleen Wing’s Katana (Marvel’s Iron Fist)
  • Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk’s Cufflinks (Marvel’s Daredevil)
Daredevil’s Red Costume (Marvel’s Daredevil)

These Are Among Many Original Lots Available From the First Ever Marvel Televison Live Auction

  • A Unique Opportunity From Marvel and Prop Store to Bid on Over 850 Original Props, Costumes and Set Decoration Items Used to Make the Hit Marvel Television Series: Marvel’s Daredevil, Marvel’s Luke Cage and Marvel’s Iron Fist
  • Fans and Collectors Will Have the Opportunity to Own an Authentic Piece of the Marvel Universe
  • The Full Catalog Is Now Available to View at propstore.com/marvel
  • Bidding Is Now Open and Advanced Bids Can Be Placed Online From Anywhere in the World. Bidders Can Participate by Phone, Online or in Person on August 12 & 13
  • Each Item Comes With a Marvel and Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity Signed by Comic Legend Joe Quesada, Show Executive Producer and Marvel Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer
Colleen Wing’s Katana (Marvel’s Iron Fist)

Prop Store, one of the leading film and TV memorabilia companies, in association with the world renowned Marvel Entertainment,has today announced the date and lots available in the first ever MARVEL TELEVISION LIVE AUCTION featuring original costumes, props and set decoration from Marvel’s Daredevil, Marvel’s Luke Cage and Marvel’s Iron Fist.

Misty Knight’s Cybernetic Arm (Marvel’s Luke Cage)

Over 850 lots will be offered in this first of its kind two-day live auction, taking place on August 12 & 13, 2019 at Prop Store’s auction facility in Los Angeles County, California. In addition to live bidding, out-of-town fans can participate via telephone or online via www.propstore.com/marvel.

Highlights of the upcoming auction that fans and collectors can bid on with estimated sale prices include:

  • Matt Murdock’s Red First Iteration Daredevil Costume from Marvel’s Daredevil Est. $30,000 – 50,000
  • Benjamin ‘Dex’ Poindexter’s Daredevil Impersonation Costume from Marvel’s Daredevil Est. $25,000 – 35,000
  • Luke Cage’s Light-up Creation Tub from Marvel’s Luke Cage Est. $12,000-$15,000
  • Elektra Natchios’ Battle Costume from Marvel’s Daredevil Est. $10,000 – 12,000
  • Misty Knight’s Cybernetic Arm from Marvel’s Luke Cage Est. $10,000 – 12,000
  • Matt Murdock’s Slashed Combat Costume from Marvel’s Daredevil Est. $8,000 – 10,000
  • Willis ‘Diamondback’ Stryker’s Light-Up Battle Costume from Marvel’s Luke Cage Est. $6,000 – 8,000
  • ‘Rabbit in a Snowstorm’ Painting from Marvel’s Daredevil Est. $5,000 – 7,000
  • Wilson Fisk’s Wedding Costume from Marvel’s Daredevil Est. $4,000 – 6,000
  • Luke Cage’s Bullet-Riddled Costume from Marvel’s Luke Cage Est. $3,000 – 5,000
  • Nelson and Murdock Attorneys at Law Office Plaque from Marvel’s Daredevil Est. $3,000 – 5,000
  • Danny Rand’s Fight Costume from Marvel’s Iron Fist Est. $3,000 – 5,000
  • Elektra Natchios’ Red and Black-Handled Retractable Sais from Marvel’s Daredevil Est. $3,000 – 5,000
  • Pop’s Barber Shop Chair and Accessories from Marvel’s Luke Cage Est. $2,500 – 3,500
  • Wilson Fisk’s Cufflinks from Marvel’s Daredevil Est. $1,500 – 2,500
  • Colleen Wing’s Stunt Katana and Sheath from Marvel’s Iron Fist Est. $1,500 – 2,500
  • Matt Murdock’s Round Eyeglasses from Marvel’s Daredevil Est. $1,500 – 2,500
  • Pop’s Bullet-Punctured Swear Jar from Marvel’s Luke Cage Est. $1,500 – 2,500
  • Colleen Wing’s Cage Fight Costume from Marvel’s Iron Fist Est. $1,200 – 1,800
  • Lot of Five Judas Bullets with Case from Marvel’s Luke Cage Est. $1,000 – 1,500

The auction is suitable for fans with a variety of budgets, with many interesting pieces of memorabilia estimated under $500 including:

  • ‘Daredevil Collars Fisk’ New York Bulletin Newspaper Cover from Marvel’s Daredevil Est. $300 – 500
  • Mary Walker’s Flower Drawing from Marvel’s Iron Fist Est. $300 – 500
  • John ‘Bushmaster’ McIver’s Weighted Harlem’s Paradise Matchbook from Marvel’s Luke Cage Est. $200 – 300
  • Frank Castle’s Medical ID Bracelet from Marvel’s Daredevil Est. $200 – 300
  • D.W. Griffith’s Set of Three ‘Luke Cage Clobbers Diamondback’ DVD Cases from Marvel’s Luke Cage Est. $100 – 150

A selection of highlights will be on display in an auction preview exhibition at Prop Store’s auction facility from August 1 – 13. The exhibition is open to the public and free-to-enter. A wide selection of lots will also be on view at the Marvel and Prop Store booths during San Diego Comic-Con, July 17 – 21.

Chuck Costas, VP of Business Development & Operations for Prop Store, commented on the upcoming auction: “Prop Store is thrilled to be able to offer fans some of the most iconic props, costumes and set dec from these classic Marvel television shows. With over 850 lots in this auction, we believe there’s something for everyone at all price points. You don’t have to be a millionaire to walk away with a very cool piece of Marvel history.”

Mike Pasciullo, SVP, Marvel Marketing and Communications, spoke about the upcoming auction: “We are very proud to have created these great Marvel shows for the fans and this is a unique opportunity, in association with Prop Store, for fans to become a caretaker of these ‘pieces of art’ used in their production.  We hope that many fans and collectors are able to bring home an authentic piece of the Marvel Universe that excites and inspires them for years to come.”

The auction begins at 10:00 am PST on Monday, August 12. Lots can now be viewed online and bidders can register to participate at: www.propstore.com/marvel