The Flash is back, and the crisis is coming. Quicker than any of Team Flash would like.

Spoilers Below

Barry (Grant Gustin) gets the same speech from the Monitor as Oliver did. But Barry isn’t getting whisked away just yet. He has until December 10. They’ve changed the timeline like they’ve done many times before. This time the consequence is Barry disappearing sooner.  Team Flash always finds a way, and we’ll have to wait and see how they can save Barry.

Iris and Barry discover they’ve changed the timeline.

It’s been four months since Nora died. Barry and Iris (Candice Patton) are taking it as well as you could expect. They are throwing themselves into their work, trying to avoid feeling the pain at all.

Barry and Iris’s denial led to some beautiful moments in the episode. Iris broke down when Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) confronted her about Nora’s jacket that she lost. It was hard not to tear up as Iris finally cries, and Cecile tells her it’s okay. She needs to grieve.

The best moment was when Barry brought back Nora’s jacket from the black hole and said they are only going to get through this together. More tears inevitable came from this scene.

Yes, there was a black hole. There were Supergirl vibes from its season premiere. The CW is setting the Arroverse on the same path this season.

I was mostly worried about Cisco (Carlos Valdes) after he gave up his powers. But he seems to be better than ever. He’s fighting for his work-life balance and in better spirits than I’ve seen him in a while. He made the best decision for himself.

Caitlin is letting Killer Frost take control this season.

Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) is better than ever too. He’s back from being undercover and ready to help Team Flash.

Ralph provided one of the best moments of the episode: when he got Killer Frost to show herself to find out why she was hiding. Then, pulling out The Book of Ralph Vol. 2, to help Frost live her best life.

I’m excited to see what Frost is like when she’s not fighting. But I hope that doesn’t mean we see little of Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker).

While we are driving towards crisis, some of Team Flash are trying to live their life in the meantime.