We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Robbie Amell about his recently released film, Code 8. The film is an action-packed sci-fi that surprisingly packs an emotional punch! Robbie plays a young man named Connor, who is one of the 4% of the population born with supernatural abilities – referred to as “power-enabled.” Robbie discussed what went into getting this project made and teased what might be next in the Code 8 universe in our 1×1 phone interview!

Fandomopolis: Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me today. Can you start by telling us how it felt to receive such an outpouring of fan support in the Indiegogo campaign? Did you expect such a quick and strong support of the project?
Robbie: No, not at all. We were fortunate enough to have a small amount of money to fund the project ourselves, but we were hoping to for the best with the Indiegogo campaign. It blew us away to see such overwhelming support. We had over 300 people from around the world pay to be extras, many people who flew themselves out to be a part of the film. It was amazing.

F: How did it feel getting to work with your cousin, Stephen Amell, on the project? Both in front of the camera and behind the scenes as executive producers?
R: It was great. We’ve worked together in the past, but in our scene we didn’t actually talk to each other. Jeff Chan, who direct it, is one of my best friends and all three of us wanted to work together and make it happen.

F: Were you involved in any other behind the scenes aspects like casting? You had great chemistry with everyone, especially Kari Matchett who plays your mom.
R: I did watch Kari’s audition tape to play my Mom, and immediately I knew she’d be great for the part. She really reminds me of my mom. I had my wife come watch the audition tape and she agreed! It made my job a lot easier, having someone across me that reminded me of my Mom, it was a comfort – and she has a maternal nature that added an authenticity to our scenes.

F: One of the themes of the movie is how power-enabled people are treated and the disadvantages they are born with due to being different, which is reflective of some things going on in society today. Did you think that was an important message to talk about in the film?
R: Since this project took years to finish, some things weren’t going on when we started that are at the forefront today. But at the end of the day, we wanted this to be a realistic film about normal human struggles. We didn’t want it to be too preachy, but we wanted to make a film that was about real people.

F: Do you have a favorite or most emotional scene to film?
R: Yeah, I would say the most emotional scene was definitely the scene with Kari, my Mom, in the hospital.

F: Do you have any upcoming projects you’re excited about?
R: Yes, Upload, a comedy coming out on Amazon in 2020! It’s a new show from Greg Daniels, who created The Office and Parks & Recreation. It’s a futuristic comedy set in a world where you can upload your consciousness to Heaven before you die, and Heaven is run by different corporations. It’s great. I also just finished shooting the sequel to The Babysitter, which will come out on Netflix next summer.

F: Can you tell if there’s anything fans can expect next in the Code 8 universe?
R: Keep an eye out on me and Stephen’s social media and the next couple days and we definitely have some teasers!

Thanks again to Robbie for graciously taking the time to speak with us about the movie – which we watched and loved! I actually shed a tear or two (if you’ve watched it, you know what scene I mean!). Code 8 is available to purchase on-demand now, so if you haven’t already purchased it, what are you waiting for?!

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