Now in a “Brady Bunch” world, Wanda and Vision deal with an unexpected pregnancy.


WandaVision Episode Three, directed by Matt Shakman, reveals that Wanda Maximoff may be the cause of her and Vision’s appearance in Westview. In the third episode, the Marvel couple finds themselves in the late 1960’s-mid 1970’s era of American sitcoms. The primary influence appears to be The Brady Bunch, but the episode is impacted by all the family sitcoms of that era. They are direct references to The Brady Bunch with the distinctive shapes in the opening credits and the Brady staircase featured in the episode. Some other family sitcoms from the 1970s that you can check out to better understand the episode are The Partridge Family, All in the Family, and Happy Days. I enjoyed seeing Wanda and Vision trying to manage her magical pregnancy that only lasted a couple of days.

WandaVision’s commercial for Hydra Soak Bath Powder points to Marvel’s popular supervillain organization’s involvement in the existence of Westview. The clues keep adding up to Hydra, causing Wanda and Vision entrapment in this Sitcom universe. The Hydra bath powder box is covered with octopuses. The male voice over on the ad talks about how you can use the powder in your bath to transport yourself somewhere relaxing. Perhaps Hydra injected Wanda with powder or serum to create an alternative sitcom town somewhere in the real world.

Everybody else in Westview appears to be aware that they’re not living in the real world. The first clue is that their neighbor Herb cuts into the dividing wall separating their homes with an electric bush cutter. Vision points out that Herb has cut beyond the bushes. The neighbor makes a joke about it but continues to cut into the wall. Later on, Vision spots Herb and Agnes whispering to each other. When the android walks up to them, they act awkwardly toward him.  Vision walks away, but Agnes calls him back. She asks if Geraldine is with Wanda and the babies inside the house. Vision doesn’t understand why there are asking about Geraldine. Agnes explains that she is a bit is odd. Geraldine doesn’t have a family or home.  She is an imposter. Herb almost tells Vision that they are all trapped in Westview, but Agnes stops the conversation. Geraldine is up to something.

Geraldine is Monica Rambeau, the daughter of Air Force Pilot Maria Rambeau and friends with Avenger Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers).  S.W.O.R.D. Agent Monica is there to save Vision, Wanda, and everybody else in Westview. S.W.O.R.D stands for Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division. Monica’s pointed comments to Wanda’s last episode were her trying to wake the other Avenger up to the reality Westview is not her home.

However, there is some evidence that Wanda is partly in control of the American sitcom Westview world. In the last episode, Wanda and Vision see somebody in a modern hazmat suit in the streets. Scarlet Witch says, “Oh, no.” The scene rewinds to before they left the house. In this episode, Vision tells Wanda about how he thinks there is something wrong with Westview. He lists the dinner with the Harts and his weird conversation with Herb about the bushes as evidence. Wanda has a freaked-out expression on her face, then snap there is a glitch we go back in time. One of Scarlet Witch’s powers is tampering with perception meaning Wanda can create an alternative sitcom reality where Vision is still alive. They can have a happy life together. Perhaps Wanda was comforted by American sitcoms when she first moved in with the Avengers, so this is a safe space where she can avoid grieving Vision.

How Wanda responds to Monica as “Geraldine” is further evidence of Wanda being one of the people in control of this alternative universe. Geraldine helps Wanda gives birth to twin boys. After the birth, Wanda tells her new friend that she has a twin brother named Pietro. Geraldine talks about how Pietro was killed by Ultron, referencing Avengers: Age of Ultron. Wanda focuses on her as the twins begin to cry. She notices that Geraldine’s necklace looks like S.W.O.R.D.’s emblem. Wanda demands to know who Geraldine is since she knows that she is not part of Westview. Wanda throws the agent out of this forcefield with her mind. I know Scarlet Witch is responsible since the red energy throwing Monica out of the Suburban Sitcom world is the same kind, I have seen in MCU films. She doesn’t want Monica to disrupt her new perfect life with Vision. I’m not sure if Wanda purposefully created Westview, but she is definitely in control.

The episode ends with S.W.O.R.D. Agents surrounding the fallen Monica. Next week we may start seeing more of the outside world. Can S.W.O.R.D free everybody, including Wanda from Westview? Has Wanda turned evil, or is she just in denial?

I’m enjoying how WandaVision is full of mysteries. I find shows with unraveling especially plots engaging.