Legacies started with a speech of unity from Alaric, which really proved to be the theme of the premiere. Alaric kept the student body busy while figuring out how to bring back Hope and Landon without letting them know what happened.

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But when has the Salvatore School’s activities ever gone as planned? MG (Quincy Fouse) was so proud of his field day as he watched everyone getting along. And Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) reminded him that everyone would resort back into their factions when it came to the game.

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While it hurt to watch Josie (Kaylee Bryant) being teased and belittled, maybe Lizzie shouldn’t have inserted herself. She made things so much, as usual.

She made herself captain of the witches and picked Josie for her team. But Alyssa (Olivia Liang) aligned herself with the vampires, and since MG told her she could pick the game, she chose tug-a-war, which almost made it inevitable that Josie would be humiliated. And she was, right into the mud.

But this led to a great monologue from Josie, first telling Lizzie that she doesn’t listen. MG told her, we’re listening now. Josie has put her magic away and isn’t upset that everyone hates her. She hates herself even. Josie is the sweetest, so it’s no wonder she’s taking this hard. And the depth of vulnerability Kaylee is showing is amazing.

Josie is the one that needs Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) the most. She gave up her magic because she didn’t trust herself anymore. Hope will be the one to get through to her. Help her heal, and help her trust herself again. This is also the relationship that fans are demanding.

But as of right now, Legacies is very focused on the Handon relationship. They even had Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) kiss Hope to wake her up. Didn’t Legacies mention consent last season when the response was “a non-consensual kiss is never the answer?” So why is it okay for Landon to kiss Hope now?

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Putting the consent piece aside, given that Alaric (Matthew Davis) realized that the reason Hope wasn’t waking up was that she didn’t want to face losing someone else, it makes sense that it was his kiss that would wake her up.

The writers messed up with the difference in consent messages in that part of the storyline, but it was Ladon’s choice if he wanted to go back to his body. Rafael (Peyton ‘Alex’ Smith) had to convince him because he didn’t want to let the Necromancer (Ben Geurens) get the dark magic.

The Necromancer is a fun monster. I’m okay with him becoming more powerful and being around more. And it looks like now he will have help from Alyssa. We can’t trust her most of the time anyway. It won’t be too different.

And to come back to MG’s field day. It went horrible, but not because of the divisions because we had our monster of the week—the Lady of the Lake and an evil Knight.

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The Hero team had to come together to save the world, and they had to do it without Hope. Someone had to be worthy enough to take Excalibur from the stone to save the day. And no one was feeling worthy.

MG really is the resident cheerleader. And this is one of the reasons I love him. “To make her proud of us for saving the day, like she always does. And the only way to do that is together, united. So believe in me half as much as I believe in you, and we can get through this… We are worthy. We just have to prove it,” MG said as he rallied his friends.

They were able to come together to hold off the knight just long enough for Rafael to come, take the sword, and save the day.

I was definitely not expecting Rafael to be the champion. But he was willing to take Landon’s soul to save him. So, that probably made him worthy.

The monster of the week wasn’t necessarily that dangerous. It was more of a chance for the Hero Squad to believe in themselves again. And I’ll always take a pep talk from MG.

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