The puppeteer behind the scenes of the Sitcom Westview World is finally revealed.


WandaVision Episode Seven, ” Breaking the Fourth Wall,” directed by Matt Shakman, mainly occurs in the early 2000s to late 2010s Sitcom World. Wanda Maximoff is finally forced to deal with her depression. Episode Seven is mostly influenced by the Modern Family and The Office. The Sitcom Westview World scenes have a mock-documentary style where the characters have “interviews.” “Breaking the Fourth Wall” is where the action ramps up.

“Breaking the Fourth Wall” has a couple of different Modern Family and The Office references. The opening sequence is straight out of The Office’s wheelhouse. The front credit’s music has the same upbeat kooky tone as the 2000’s workplace sitcom classic. The primary reference is the documentary style of the episode that is part of Modern Family and The Office. Wanda, Vision, Agatha, and even Darcy has on-camera interviews with off camera filmmaker. Wanda speaks about how she plans to spend the whole day alone to punish herself for extending the alternative reality barrier absorbing a bunch of S.W.O.R.D. Agents. Everything in her and Vision’s home keeps on transforming into an older model. For example, the flat-screen television turns into a 1950’s model T.V. Wanda complains that she doesn’t understand why she can’t stop these mutations. Before Vision “wakes up” Darcy, she opines about how being an escape artist doesn’t fit her skill set. Vision rants about how Wanda is purposefully creating all these obstacles to stop him from going home. After Agnes tells the twins their mother will be fine, she talks about how her husband complains that she sugarcoats everything. The documentary-style feels reassuring to the modern-day viewers and reveals the cracks in Wanda’s Sitcom Westview World.

Episode Seven has several MCU Easter Eggs, including neighbor Agnes’ real identity. When Monica breaks her way through Wanda’s television screen barrier, she hears her “Aunt Carol” and other characters from Captain Marvel. There is a voice-over of Fury remarking, ” Only if you can learn to glow like your Aunt Carol.” Carol says, ” Your Mom’s lucky. When they were handing out kids, they gave her the toughest one. ” Then Monica’s eyes turn blue. She breaks out of the barrier and lands onto the grass in the three-point stance that is MCU code for somebody being a superhero. The episode commercial mentions Nexus anti-depressants.  In Marvel comics, Nexus is the Multiverse’s keystone and is crucial to keeping coherence and stability. Each universe has one Nexus that anchors the reality of that world. Maybe a Nexus being will come in to stabilize Earth and help Wanda restore Westview to its original form. Or perhaps Wanda is a Nexus being who can stabilize reality if she deals with her emotions. The last central Easter Egg is Agnes. She is Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch and the villain of WandaVision.

Agatha Harkness has been pulling the strings of this Sitcom Westview World this whole time. In Marvel Comics, Agatha is one of the original witches from the Salem Witch Trials who mentors Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff). The ancient witch was mighty, but she went insane. Wanda had to kill her mentor. In WandaVision, Agatha is crazy from the start. Wanda’s next-door neighbor has been suspicious from episode one. When Agnes asked Wanda if she could do the scene again, it implied that she was self-aware. But in the last episode, Agnes acted all glitchy like everybody else at the edge of town. She seemed innocent. Now it’s revealed that everything that has gone wrong in the Sitcom Westview World is on Agatha. She has been controlling this new “Pietro” from the minute he came to Wanda’s door. Agatha messed with Vision during the magic show. She gave them a rabbit for the talent show, which may have been a trick.  She even killed the twin’s dog. Agatha stops Monica from convincing Wanda to end her self-made universe. Wanda finds out Agatha’s real identity when she comes over to the witch’s home. “Agnes” is babysitting the boys. But Tommy and Billy are nowhere to be found. Their sandwiches and juice are only half consumed, and a kid’s show is on the television. The evil witch suggests they are playing in the basement. Wanda walks down into the basement to find her sons. She finds this creepy-looking dungeon instead. Where are Tommy and Billy? Did Agatha kill them? Or has she absorbed them? Is Agatha the one who has been stopping Vision from coming home to speak with Wanda? He could have also broken through to Wanda.  Is Agatha’s Pietro really Peter Maximoff from the X Men Universe? The Nexus being mentioned implies the Multiverse is part of this series. Finally, did Agatha force Wanda to create the Sitcom Westview World?

“Breaking the Fourth Wall” finally reveals who the real villain of WandaVision is and keeps the suspense of the MCU miniseries going. The seventh episode is one of the top three episodes so far because Agatha Harkness’s revelation is a great payoff and the meta elements elevate the story.