Hope’s subconscious depicted a Friday the 13th -esque movie with her friends to help her work through the problem, and it was amazing.

Spoilers Below

Hope was staying in her own Friday the 13th, in her mind. (Josh Stringer/The CW)

The bad ’80’s hair and spandex were in full display as a horror movie played out in the therapy box. Leaving everyone dead except Landon (Aria Shahghasemi). It was pretty clear early on that it was telling her that she’s hurting her friends as she searches for a way to bring Landon back. It was heartbreaking to watch her realize it. And even worse, to watch her truly have to let go after she’s lost so much already.

Luckily for Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), it does seem like Landon is on his way back, but when he gets back, it can’t be the same. Whether you are a Handon shipper or not you’ve got to admit their relationship has been problematic. The writers keep forcing them together. We’ve seen Hope finally make friends after being at the Salvatore School for a while and we’ve seen her fall in love. Can we now see her focus on herself and her true potential, while of course carrying on with teenage life?

If only we could all have a therapy box to help us work through our own issues. Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) may not have gone into the box, but astral projecting into the prison world was her own version of therapy. She was trying to keep MG (Quincy Fouse) away from Alyssa (Olivia Liang), which turns out was a good call, and she was trying to find a reason to get Josie (Kaylee Bryant) to stay. In the end, she realized she missed her window with MG and can’t interfere in his happiness or her sister’s.

Josie in Hope’s subconscious. (Josh Stringer/The CW)

Instead, she creates a very cute first-day outfit for Josie. I guess Lizzie will never do the right thing by default, she’ll always need a minute to pout and then come to the conclusion, but she’s doing it much faster now.

I do like this new, understanding Lizzie, who is putting other people’s happiness first. I also love her new hair. It’s got more volume, and yeah, the roots are showing, but it just makes Lizzie look more carefree, which is a lot like the character’s new personality.

MG learned the hard way that Alyssa is probably not the one for him. I’m sure Alyssa hooked up with Jed (Ben Levin) to spite MG for helping Lizzie. That’s just who she is. She also broke the ascendant, so the clean slate didn’t last very long. I’m glad Alyssa and MG didn’t last. I did not ship them, but I hate to see MG get hurt.

’80’s hair on full display. (Josh Stringer/The CW)

I do like to see great moments between Kaleb (Chris Lee) and MG. We haven’t gotten one in a while, and I hope we’ll see more this season. Kaleb is ready to let go of Landon, but of course, MG is holding out hope because he has such a big heart and never wants to give up on anyone.

We may still have to wait for Hosie, but Josie has found herself a new crush. Another rebel. Granted, Finch’s (Courtney Bandeko) outbursts were because she was hurting. Timing is definitely bad for them, given that Finch’s girlfriend just left town. But it’s nice to see Josie focusing on teenage stuff instead of magic.

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