Super speed thinking seemed like exactly the thing they needed to defeat Eva. Instead, it made everything worse.

Spoilers Below

Barry Allen uses his super-thinking to find a way to save their friends. (The CW)

Barry (Grant Gustin) started in his usual dorky way when he discovered he had super-speed thinking. He zoomed around, writing all the calculations down of all the obstacles they had to overcome to save Iris (Candice Patton), Kamilla (Victoria Park) and Singh (Patrick Sabongui). It seemed like they weren’t far off, not only getting their friends back but also defeating Eva (Efrat Dor).

The more Barry used his super-speed thinking, the colder he got and the more overly logical he got. It went from fun watching him develop ideas super quick, while Allegra (Kayla Compton) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) tried to keep up, to super scary.

The best part about Barry is not his speed. It’s his heart. He would never choose to save Iris over Kamilla and Singh. As Cisco said, they would find another way.

Killer Frost got her chance to be a speedster! (The CW)

We knew things were getting bad when first, he let Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) take the hit, and second when he used the serum on her that he only tested in his head. That’s when things were totally out of control.

The Thinker was the same. He became so smart he was arrogant. He couldn’t see anything else but logical outcomes and didn’t include emotion into his equations. Barry would later find out that you can’t predict emotion.

Barry’s over-logicalness and cold heart led to quite a good fight between him, Cisco, Killer Frost and Allegra, though.

Killer Frost even got to be a speedster for a few minutes! It’s been a while since we had a good speedster against speedster battle. She proved she had the goods to match Barry. She may not have had her speed powers very long, but she used them well. This was a scene I did not know I needed until it was on my screen.

Unfortunately, Barry’s super-speed thinking was too much for the three to overcome and they ended up knocked out as Barry tried to save Iris. But he didn’t expect her to refuse to come. Iris was being Iris wanting to help Kamilla and Singh, especially because they needed medical attention. Barry did not calculate that into his plan, and in the end, Iris is left convulsing.

Iris and Kamilla stuck in the mirror verse. (The CW)

Iris survives all this time in the mirror world to have her husband make it worse!

I’ve not been a huge fan of the mirror verse storyline, but “The Speed of Thought” episode is definitely making up for it. It was fun and scary watching Barry as he descends into logic and watching Killer Frost, Cisco, and Allegra try to bring his heart back. Got to give it to Grant for playing no emotions so well.

Next week’s episode was meant to be the season six finale, so the mirror verse story will soon come to an end, and the promo looks to be an all-out battle. The ending of the storyline may make up for it.

Before “The Speed of Thought” came to a close, the original Wells ((Tom Cavanagh) is resurrected! As I said last week, Team Flash is not the same without a Wells, but what role will he play? Tweet @Fandomopolis or comment below.