Can there be a school without students?

Spoilers below.

The Salvatore school saved Mystic Falls High School students, but the parents rebelled, and now the school needs more students.

Hope and Lizzie lead the school tour. (Bob Mahoney/The CW)

That’s not a great place to start “To Whom it May Concern” when things are already bad. But it was a great episode.

Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) went to Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) to help do the tour for prospective students because she thought it would be a good distraction for both of them and because it was just them before Kaleb (Chris Lee) and MG (Quincy Fouse) got back.

As expected it, didn’t go well. Hope was in a too emotional state. Her powers took over and knocked everyone out.

One of my favorite parts of the episode was when Hope splattered paint over the canvas, and the new witch, Cleo (Omono Okojie), came in. She told her she had so much power that she needed to talk, so she didn’t lose control again. Hope seriously needed to talk.

Cleo also wondered why Hope wanted to stay despite all the students leaving. She said it was her home, and she wouldn’t be who she is without it.

And the witch signed on! Wade (Elijah B. Moore) got Gabby (Olivia Rodriguez) just after Lizzie failed to acquire her.

We don’t use Wade much, but he definitely seems to save the day when it counts.

Alaric (Matthew Davis) had his own troubles with a vampire that had only come to kill him. His former days as a vampire hunter were coming back to haunt him. Alric tried to tell him about Damon without using his name (we knew who he meant) but didn’t convince the young vamp.

I really wanted Damon to walk in right there, even though I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Julie Plec, one day, please!

Josie has a great first day at Mystic Falls High School. (The CW)

They managed to get the number of students they needed without bringing Josie (Kaylee Bryant) back. She probably had the best first day of school in the middle of a semester that anyone has ever had.

Dorian (Demetrius Bridges) was principal! The girl who is crushing hard rocked out her locker, and Ethan (Leo Howard) had lunch with her. The best part was when her crush Finch (Courtney Bandeko) told her she was emancipated, and it took her time to stop feeling guilty about moving on. Not that I want Josie to move on, but I do know she needs this normal life.

She is such a good person, but she touched dark magic to save the people she loves, and it’s taking her some time to come back from that. I want to see Josie with magic again, but I want to give her what she needs too.

While everyone was trying to get through the day in the real world, Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) was stuck in the Malavore pit with The Necromancer (Ben Geurens).

Landon is at his best when he’s saving himself. And that’s exactly what he had to do in “To Whom It May Concern.” He got out of the pit, and now he’s stuck in the prison world again. I’m looking forward to him taking charge and finding a way out.

It was also fun to see The Necromancer working in an ice cream shop and chained there until he sang. He gave us a little number, and his chains dropped.

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