The Mirror verse storyline has come to an end!

Spoilers below

While the Mirror verse storyline wasn’t always fun, it had an epic ending. “Mother” gave us everything we love from a Flash season finale, which is what this episode would have been if covid hadn’t shut down production last season.

Iris and Barry save the world together. (The CW)

It was worrying when the episode started as Cisco (Carlos Valdes), Allegra (Kayla Compton) and Frost (Danielle Panabaker) were waking up to find Barry (Grant Gustin) crying over Iris’s (Candice Patton) body. She was still convulsing.

Caitlin came back to help but didn’t have good news. Iris’s brainwaves had been rewritten when she resisted coming through the mirror.

It felt like all hope was lost to defeat Eva (Efrat Dor) until the OG Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) made an appearance. He was there to help Team Flash like he always does. This time he had all of the Wells’s memories, so there wasn’t much need for introductions, just diving right in.

He told Barry to run towards love because he was the paradigm of love. It is nice to hear Crisis pop up, even if that seems like a million years ago. It feels right that that would have been how the season six finale plays into that.

Barry went to see Iris and felt a shock of lightning. They discovered the speed force wasn’t completely gone. And with Wells, they were able to fix the machine to get the speed force out of Iris.

The team worked together to defeat Eva. (The CW)

The final battle was a great one, with Cisco joining Killer Frost and The Flash out on the battlefield. It’s been sad not having Cisco out there as much, with his lack of powers, but it was nice seeing him use weapons in the last two episodes. Hopefully, the writers can continue to do that.

At some point in the battle, Barry would usually be the one to reason with the villain, but not this time. It was Iris who stepped up. She knew Barry needed more than his speed to overcome Eva.

She tried to talk reason to her, and it worked. It also turns out Iris became a Meta! Even if only temporary. She believes Eva took the powers with her, but only time will tell if any are remaining.

Eva had lost control of her children, and Iris and Barry had to help her defeat them.

It was really nice watching Iris and Barry save the world together. Their love is just that strong.

Unfortunately, and of course, what they did to save Barry will probably come back to haunt them as it always does. It wouldn’t be The Flash without dire consequences coming from their actions to save Barry. We’ll have to see what mess they will have to clean up next.

I’m also saddened to say the the OG Wells is not sticking around. He wants to relive the four years he had with his wife over and over again until his time is up. Because this Well can travel to any point in time that he wants.

The OG Harrison Wells (The CW)

It’s lovely, especially after we just saw Iris and Barry save the world together, Kamila (Victoria Park) and Cisco get reunited, and Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) brought back together after the mirror verse briefly took her.

I hope that his being able to travel through time brings him back to Team Flash every once in a while. They always have a Wells, and it’s going to be strange without one.

The writers also found a way to write Ralph off the show without Hartley Sawyer coming back. The Elongated man was badly injured. He was first unrecognizable. Then they had him in a helmet to protect his face. Sue (Natalie Dreyfuss) and he are now leaving to go on their own adventure.

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