Rom-Coms and a Shakespeare reference. What more can you ask for? Legacies lightened things up as Malavore creeps closer.

Spoilers Below

It’s about time we got a storyline with Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) and Josie (Kaylee Bryant) this season. I’ve been missing their sisterly chemistry.

Hope and Cleo lure the next monster to them. (Kyle Kaplan/The CW)

What better way to bring them together again than Lizzie helping Josie get Finch (Courtney Bandeko) with tips from Rom-Coms. Of course, Rom-Coms was the cover to get Josie to muster up the courage to ask Finch out. As we all know, Rom-Coms are so unrealistic, but Lizzie orchestrated a meet-cute for Josie to break the ice. And I love Lizzie in organize and project mode. She’s so much fun! And I loved all the Rom-Con scenario references!

So much for Josie wanting a normal life. Her crush is a werewolf, but Lizzie chose not to tell her sister that. We know that’s going to come back to bite Lizzie, pun intended.

While Lizzie was helping Josie, MG (Quincy Fouse) and Ethan (Leo Howard) started their superhero duties by stopping an armed robbery of a convenience store. It’s kind of the perfect storyline for comic book nerds. And if you aren’t hip to the strange things that happen in Mystic Falls, it can be a pretty boring town. It’s the perfect idea for a comic book-loving teen vampire and high school guy.

I was sad to see MG leave the Salvatore School, but I love the new arc for him. He’s more carefree and is living a slightly normal life, for a teenager with superhuman abilities, that is. Plus, I love the chemistry between him and Ethan. I’m here for this bromance.

“All’s Well that Ends Well” started pretty positively. Even Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) was in an excellent mood, which was odd. I hope that the writers will continue to write her in a better mood. She’s been stressing me out. Granted, she takes after her father. He was always determined to save his loved ones at any cost, and nothing and no one could get in his way. Her determination to save Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) and keep him safe is a typical Mikaelson trait.

MG is finding a new path outside of the Salvatore School with Ethan. (Kyle Kaplan/The CW)

Everything didn’t stay all sunshine and rainbows very long. A picnic with Cleo (Omono Okojie) to draw out a monster did just that. A banshee appeared. And, of course, they are harbingers of death, and she had to say Landon was going to die. But it was all a ruse to get Cleo to leave the Salvatore School’s protection because she’s the one Malavore wants now, which is a nice change of pace from Landon.

It turns out Cleo is a Muse. A witch from the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter has special inspiration powers. Maybe Cleo has something to do with Hope’s new upbeat mood.

Cleo also helped Jed (Ben Levin) get back on the Super Squad’s good graces. He’s definitely been more of the follower with plans and not the one coming up with them. Jed has never been one of my favorite characters of Legacies, but I love the side that Cleo is bringing out of him.

I also like when the monster story doesn’t take the traditional arc. Because they had the banshee speak through Jed, he was able to see in her mind and who she was. Alaric (Matt Davis) was able to find out what happened to her son and set her free. Her son survived and lived a long life with kids and grandkids—such a sweet ending.

But Malavore still wants Cleo and the other monster took hair from Hope and Landon. What could that be for?

Hope said the monster seemed familiar. Could he be Landon’s brother, Ryan (Nick Fink)?

“All’s Well that Ends Well” also had two very subtle references to The Vampire Diaries. First, when Hope said, “there’s always a loophole,” which we learned that from Bonnie!

The second, when Landon said they had to take the moments in between monsters. That was a sentiment that Stelena held.

And as I said a Shakespear reference. The entire episode was a nod to “All’s Well that Ends Well.” Not just in name, but the complex dilemmas the characters faced.

The overarching one, what is the artifact that people over the centuries, including Queen Elizabeth I, have had their hands-on?

And yes, Hope, it is easy for Shakespear to say all’s well that ends well, but this battle also ended well.

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