Legacies took and interesting twist in “You Can’t Run from Who You Are,” and I’m here for it.

Spoilers below

I kept thinking Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) isn’t this funny, but everyone kept being like, yep, Landon’s back, so I thought maybe I was misremembering him. We did have an incredibly long hiatus. It turns Landon isn’t Landon. It took a Dungeons and Dragons game to have Wade (Elijah B. Moore) figure it out.

Who is masquerading as Landon?(The CW)

At first, I thought, well, they’re in the middle of trying to save Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) and not get killed by her all at the same time. It’s probably not a big deal that he doesn’t remember a certain quest. And I also didn’t realize what a nerd Landon was. Then, Wade mentioned that was his favorite quest, and yeah, it does seem a little wired. And it was weird that Landon stabbed Hope in the chest. This wasn’t the Landon that we know, and maybe because it was nice not to have moppy Landon around, we accepted it, even if it felt off.

Where is Landon? Is he still stuck in the prison world? Is he somewhere else? This cliffhanger overshadowed so much of “You Can’t Run from Who You Are,” and it was quite a good episode.

Josie (Kaylee Bryant) finally took her magic back and quickly reverted to her badass self. While I’m all for Josie finding other joys in life, she’s a witch at heart, and she can’t run from that anymore, as her evil side told her.

Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) was being the overprotective sister again. Of course, she was convinced Finch (Courtney Bandeko) was a murderer. Yes, you have to kill someone to trigger the curse, but you can accidentally kill someone, like in a car crash and still trigger it. It doesn’t have to be cold-blooded murder.

Lizzie made MG help her find out if Finch would be good for Josie. (The CW)

Her grandfather made her kill him to trigger the curse so she would be able to protect herself. Such a tragic story. This character has so much potential. She had blocked that memory, but now she wants to remember her grandfather saying not to trust anyone. Who could blame her? Lizzie and MG (Quincy Fouse) made her remember her worst memory. I hope the writers use Courtney more because there is so much depth to work with there.

MG’s and Ethan’s (Leo Howard) storyline took the inevitable conclusion of Ethan getting hurt. I had a bad feeling when he sped off in his truck after hearing a robbery happening on the police scanner. Then, we didn’t see what had happened to him until the very end. When MG talked about not liking to lie to Alaric (Matt Davis), it reminded me that we didn’t know what happened to Ethan, and that couldn’t be good. I loved their superhero storyline because it seemed like exactly what two teenage boys would do who like comic books when one of them has super strength. Sadly, Ethan was always going to end up in harm’s way. I hope that the writers don’t have Ethan’s memory wiped. He and MG make a great duo. They can’t end their friendship.

We got a little insight into Kaleb’s origin story. (The CW)

There was certainly a lot going on in this episode. While Wade, Josie and not Landon were saving Hope and Lizzie and MG were finding out the truth about Finch, Alaric, Cleo (Omono Okojie), and Kaleb (Chris Lee) were searching for Triad archives to tell them more about the artifact, which Leonardo Da Vinci apparently created. The fact-finding a mission gave them some clues, but the best part of their mission was Cleo getting Kaleb to be honest and reveal a little something about his origin story. The reason he puts on the cool guy act is that the last time he opened up to someone, that person turned him into a vampire. We have to know more about this! We know all about MG’s past, and its shed light on who he is. It would be great to get to know Kaleb more, too.

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