Loki Season 1 Episode 5 ” Journey Into the Mind” Review

Loki and Sylvie work hard to try to find their way back to each other.

Spoilers Below

In Loki Season One Episode Five,” Journey Into the Mind,” directed by Kate Herron, Loki finds himself in the Void trapped with various Variant versions of himself. A giant cloud monster named Alioth guards the Void. He reminds me of the cloud Rhino from another Disney classic James and the Giant Peach. Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, Classic Loki, and Reptile Loki take Loki to their hideout.  Reptile Loki is a comical masterpiece that brings a kookiness to the episode. Richard E. Grant plays Classic Loki, masterfully bringing vulnerability and necessary humor to his character. Pruned Variants and objects from their timelines are transported to the Void to stop them from growing. Alioth hunts down all life in the Void, but Lokis can survive anything.

Loki Variants all suffer from low self-esteem, but Loki’s contact with other versions of himself brings out his natural strength. One of the fundamental reasons that Loki commits criminal acts is because he believes that he is not worthy of true companionship or love. In their hideout, Classic Loki discusses how he formed a Nexus event in his timeline. Everything was going well until the events of Avengers: Infinity War. “Classic” (Classic Loki) created a convincing illusion of himself that Thanos stabbed, making everybody think he was dead. He pretended to be some ship debris. Classic believes that he only brought pain and misery to others wherever he goes. So he decided to live out the rest of his days in isolation. Eventually, Classic missed his brother Thor. The minute Classic ventured out of his desolate planet, the TVA arrested him. Classic called Loki Variants the “Gods of Outcasts.” The episode even features scenes that show how manipulative and selfish that Lokis can be with President Loki. Boastful turns on Kid, their group leader. He gives the hideout’s location to rival President Loki. President wants Kid’s throne. The only problem is the other Loki Variants in the President’s army start to attack him. The Loki Variants can’t seem even to be loyal to themselves. Loki, Sylvie, Reptile, Kid, and Classic prove that the Gods of Mischief can form genuine friendships.

The true magic of Loki Variants is their absolute devotion to their “glorious purpose.” One of Loki’s significant repeated quotes is he is “burdened with a glorious purpose,” which is the reasoning he gives to explain why he is constantly trying to take over the universe. Though in “Journey into the Mind,” that concept is used in the service of others. Sylvie’s theory is that Alioth is a guard dog for whoever created the TVA.  She plans to enchant the guard dog into revealing the entrance to the other side of the Void to find a way to destroy the TVA’s creators. Loki refuses to leave her side. Kid, Reptile, and Classic start heading back to their hideout the minute that Sylvie attempts to re-establish a mental link with Alioth so she can enchant him. Against his self-preservation, the oldest Loki Variant, Classic, runs into the fray. He builds a mass illusion of the city of Asgard to trick Alioth into attacking the air. When Sylvie shows surprise at seeing Classic creating such a large illusion, Loki comments, ” I think we’re stronger than we realize.” All the Lokis, while different, are in many ways the same. Loki seeing an older version of himself as this powerful being makes him realize that he has the same strength. Classic’s abilities give Sylvie the confidence to link with Loki and trust that he can also enchant Alioth because they are the same. Their combined power charms such a giant monster. Classic sacrifices himself to provide the two other Loki Variants a chance to defeat the beast. The gift reveals that Loki Variants can bond with other people. Their selfish nature can be overridden with love, allowing them to sacrifice everything to give others a little opportunity for success. Classic calls his death his “glorious purpose” because he uses his magic to help the people he cares about. While sacrificing yourself for yourself seems selfish, it also represents true self-love. Self-love essential for building self-esteem.

I was so relieved to see that Mobius is still alive. The great thing about a cinematic universe built upon Marvel comics is that nobody truly has to die. There is always a way to resurrect them through something like a portal. Sadly, Mobius and Loki only briefly re-connect, but their reunion is emotionally powerful. Their heartfelt hug reveals how much respect and love they have built by being honest with one another. Loki trusts Mobius not to bring the dogs down on him when he transports himself back to the TVA. Mobius knows Loki will defeat the creators of the “Sacred Timeline” with the help of Sylvie. What will Mobius do back in the TVA? Will he tell everything to all TVA employees right away, instantly destroying the organization? Or will Mobius use his knowledge to force Renslayer into dedicating TVA resources to help his friends track down the actual creators of the “Scared Timeline”? Finally, what are Loki and Sylvie going to find on the other side of the Void? The real creators of the “Sacred Timeline” or more roadblocks?

“Journey into the Mind” is funny, wacky, and my favorite Loki Season One episode so far.  Also, watch the Loki series on Disney Plus!

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