The Best of Superman & Lois’ Bizarro World

Superman & Lois finally brought us into Bizarro World to see our characters’ counterparts. It was a fun, quick ride to see what happened over there that led to Ally Allston (Rya Kihlstedt) merging with her Bizarro World half. This might not be the world we want to play in every week, but it was a great episode to lead us into the final five episodes of the season.

The Fashion

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I may like colors in my wardrobe, but you have to admit the people of Bizarro World were quite stylish. Some of it reminded me of Lucy Hale’s Aria Montgomery’s style in Pretty Little Liars. She was very experimentative with her style. I wouldn’t wear half the things she wore, but that didn’t stop me from loving her style. That was very much like this episode. Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch), Jon El (Jordan Elsass) and Chrissy Beppo (Sofia Hasmik) had the best style in this world. It was black with reds, and while the look might have made you think this was an evil Earth, they weren’t much different than us. Some people were good, and some were bad. The red hue of the Earth was very different, though.

Jon’s Superboy Look

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Jon is the brother that gets powers in Bizarro World. Speaking of fashion — Jon’s Superboy look was on point. Leather jacket, red pants and a shirt with the House of El symbol. It’s reminiscent of Jessica Jone’s superhero look with a Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) twist to it. And totally on-brand for the superheroes of this world.

Superheroes in Bizarro World are Like The Boys

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The superheroes in Bizarro World are celebrities. They took a page out of The Boys’ playbook for this one. They have a consultant to help with costumes and names, and there are photoshoots, parties and fans. It’s nothing like Superman in our world. Superman and Jon got swept away in the fame of it all. Not surprising for Jon, but you would think Superman wouldn’t succumb to that in any world. Still, the glitz and the glam were fun for a little bit until everything went to hell.

Lois Lane is Similar on Every Planet

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While Bizarro Lois wasn’t exactly the same as ours, she was pretty similar. She was a journalist, she stood up to her Superman by leaving, and instead of running, she stayed in town and then helped Mitch Anderson (Ian Bohen) when he needed help. In addition, she loves her family and fights for them no matter what. That’s a lot like our Lois Lane.

Bizarro Tal-Rho is Good

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Despite Bizarro Tal-Rho falling for Ally’s lies, he was still a good guy. Clark has a good sibling relationship with him. He was even Tal’s best man when he married Lana Lang (Emmanuelle Chriqui) (Yeah, that was strange.) Tal even betrayed Ally, in the end, to help our Superman get home to his family. This Tal is not perfect, but he’s got a much better heart than the Tal we know.

More Anderson

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I’m always here for more of Anderson, especially scenes with Ian and Tyler together. It’s the Teel Wolf reunion that keeps giving while we wait for the movie. Just like the character he played in the teen supernatural drama, his character in Superman & Lois somewhat redeems himself. He helps Superman fight Ally and her followers. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to stop Ally from merging.

Emmanuelle Chriqui Got to Have Superpowers

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I love what a badass character Lana Lang Cushing has been, so it was fun to see her with powers in the Bizarro world. I still prefer our Lana, but with Tyler, Alex Garfin and Jordan running around with powers, it’s nice that Emmanuelle got her chance too. Though just like Lois, she does have her own superpowers, it’s in her strength. But that’s not as much fun to play.

What were your favorite parts of Superman & Lois‘ Bizarro World?

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