A car drove into a group of people in Berlin on Wednesday morning (8 June), killing at least one person. The incident occurred in Breitscheidplatz, near the popular Kurfurstendamm shopping boulevard. Actor John Barrowmen was a secondhand witness to the event in this video released by U.K. news outlet The Independent.

Acclaimed Doctor Who, Torchwood and Arrowverse actor Barrowman and an unidentified friend (presumably his husband Scott Gill of 27 years) had been shopping and came out to discover a scene of mayhem.

Breitscheidplatz was the scene of a terrorist attack in 2016, when a truck deliberately drove into a group of people, killing 11. Berlin Police said that it was not known if the crash was an accident or intentional. The driver of the car was arrested and is being held.

[Reprinted by permission from SCIFI.radio]