Supernatural 14.9 Recap: The Spear

This episode is what happens when you take Supernatural, add a pinch of Die Hard, and sprinkle on a dusting of Avengers: Infinity war for good measure. The episode opens with a beautiful view of Kansas City at Christmas time. Christmas carols are playing, lights are shining, and there is a sense of wonder all […]

Supernatural 14.8 Recap: Byzantium

A TV series does not last 14 seasons without having a spark that keeps the viewers coming back year after year. This episode was everything that makes Supernatural, Supernatural. It had loss, hope, a little sprinkle of magic, and of course… self-sacrifice. The episode opens up as a bedridden Jack continues to worsen. He asks […]

Supernatural Recap 14.6 Optimism

This week’s episode starts with a picturesque and cheery morning in McCook, Nebraska, and a librarian named Harper opens the library for the day. She ends up getting startled by Winston, a former classmate of hers who asks if they are still on for dinner that night. Her response in the affirmative is interrupted by […]

Supernatural 14.5 Nightmare Logic

Vampires and ghouls and Djinns, Oh my! This episode starts with one of the other world hunters, Maggie, on her first solo hunt in Claremore, Oklahoma (If you recall, she was the one who was murdered and then brought back by Lucifer last season). Decked out with the bunker’s newest body cams, she rushes into […]

Supernatural Recap 14.4 Mint Condition

This week takes a much-needed break from the dark and dreary Michael storyline to bring us… an actual Halloween story… that takes place ON Halloween.. with the killer ghost of a comic book shop owner possessing his Horror Movie memorabilia! Yes! This Halloween episode not only pays homage to horror movies but we get to […]

Supernatural 14.3 Recap “The Scar”

“Guess whos back, back again? Dean is back, tell a friend.” This episode was all about bringing back some old favorites. Not only do we have Dean officially back behind the wheel of his own body, but we also have a guest appearance of everyone’s favorite Sherriff plus a surprise guest from another world! That being said, not everything is rainbows and butterflies in ‘Bro town’; this episode is aptly named “The Scar” as it is all about Dean’s scars, both physical and mental.

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Supernatural 14.2 Recap of Gods and Monsters

This episode opens with Michael nonchalantly experimenting on people by combining their blood with some Angel grace. All the experiments fail and the victims end up being burned out – smiting style. Apparently unconcerned about the big neon sign that a pile of bodies with their eyes burned out will bring, he leaves a major crime scene in Duluth, Minnesota that draws the attention of Team Free Will (that’s not suspicious at all). Sam, Mary, and Bobby go to investigate while Castiel is left behind to watch over Nick and Jack (because somebody has to).
Castiel brings a distraught Nick (formerly Lucifer) some food and Nick can’t remember why he would let something like Lucifer possess him. Trying to make him feel better, Castiel tells him that he was in a lot of pain after his family was murdered. This triggers Nick’s memories of that night and he breaks down in tears as everything that lead up to his possession comes cascading back (looks like my ‘Nick is still Lucifer’ theory may have been premature).

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