Recap: Hulu Presents A New Kind of Holiday Movie in “Happiest Season”

Hulu makes history with an entertaining holiday movie about a lesbian couple spending Christmas at a small PA town. Thing is, one of the girls hasn’t told her family she’s gay. The real story is a family learns to live honestly.

New Trailer For Jessica Jones Reveals More On Season Two

When season two of Jessica Jones on Netflix was announced, it was also revealed that David Tennant would return as her tormentor Kilgrave…even though he died at her hand at the end of the previous series. The latest trailer, though, shows the real story may be her search for answers. She wonders why she became super-strong after […]

New Season of Netflix’s Black Mirror Coming in 3 Weeks

For the past three years, Netflix has received a big following for Black Mirror, a look at how technology has changed our lives in very disturbing ways. Picture it, if you will, as a high tech version of The Twilight Zone The trailer for season four has just been released. A new set of six episodes will […]

Two Weeks Before Stranger Things Return To Netflix

It’s been more than a year since Will Byers disappeared, then was found in the Upside Down. He looks like he has recovered, but has he? Netflix just released the final preview to the second season of Stranger Things. It will return October 27th with ten episodes, showing that things are about to get strange again […]

Agents of SHIELD 4.02 “Meet The New Boss”

Coulson finally meets the new boss, who is busy trying to make SHIELD look respectable. May is driven insane due to the [spoiler] she met last week, and Daisy and the Ghost Rider battle each other, and wind up getting a bit closer.

Agents of SHIELD 4.01: The Ghost

Season four of “Agents of SHIELD” is underway! Daisy is a fugitive, Agents May and Simmons have new jobs, and the crew is dealing with a mysterious man known as the Ghost Rider.