FIRST LOOK: ‘The Umbrella Academy’ on Netflix – Launching February 15

Meet the super dysfunctional family members of The Umbrella Academy, launching globally on Netflix February 15, 2019. Number 1 is Super Strong Number 2 is Super Bitter Number 3 is Super Famous Number 4 is Super High Number 5 is Super Old Number 6 is Super Dead Number 7 is Super… Ordinary ++++++++++++++++++++++++ About The […]

Gotham 1.19 – “Beasts of Prey”

Gotham is back after a lengthy hiatus. “Beasts of Prey” wasn’t the best of episodes, but it did advance many plot points that needed to be advanced, specifically Fish Mooney’s island adventures.

Review: Gotham 1.18 – “Everyone Has a Cobblepot”

After last week’s eye-smashing episode, Gotham showed that it could be a show of unpredictability and change. Hopefully it can keep up this momentum.

Review: Gotham 1.17- “Red Hood”

This week, Gotham really ups the ante with some shocking developments near the end of the episode.